We dream of sustainable manufacturing, design and economy

On a day to day basis we build doors at Bovalls. Doing so in a sustainable manner, and with great quality/design has been our main focus for over 50 years. But we want to do even more, which is why we have built Studio Bovallstrand.

Here we have created a gathering place for people who are interested in quality, sustainability and design. And who like us, tired of wear and tear products and shallowness in the industry. We want to create a network of people and companies who share this passion.

We have events, lectures, workshops and idea meetings. All forms of rent or entrance fee go in full to the ideal organization ”Vi-skogen” which plants trees in eastern Africa. We keep none of the money ourselves at the Studio but the more people we gather the more trees get planted.

Studio Bovallstrand was created from our vision: Wood, Hope and Love.

We have built doors with sustainably harvested wood for many years. During this time, we have met wise people who explained to us how deforestation and poverty are related, what challenges we have and what we can do about it. We also understand that many people in Scandinavia have forgotten that we ourselves had these problems a few generations ago. And that these problems led to starvation and emigration.

Many of the people we met, despite working with completely different things, had a lot in common. It has given us both good ideas, knowledge and energy. With that in mind, we wanted to create a meeting  place for sustainability, quality and design. Both physically but also online.

It´s also possible for companies and organizations to rent the studio for meetings or events. Rent or entrance goes in full to Vi-forest who plants new trees.